This blog grew out of a desire to share the local history, tales, and legends of Newcastle upon Tyne.

The city stands on the site of a Roman settlement, Pons Aelius, though much of its architecture recalls its Georgian heydey.  Yet other parts of the city reflect the architectural vision of T. Dann Smith in the 1960s. And the current construction boom in student accommodation threatens to change the face of the city again.

But Newcastle’s spirit is still there, hidden beneath the glass and concrete. She still peeks out from time to time in the quiet, forgotten, and abandoned spaces.

Come with me, and I’ll introduce you to her.

About the author

I’m Icy Sedgwick, a local author, photographer, and former paranormal investigator. I write about folklore and dark fantasy fiction over on my author blog.

You’ll also be able to buy prints of the images from the Newcastle Stories shop (coming soon).

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